Letters to the editor for Saturday, March 8, 2014

Columnist is off-base about benefits of state margins tax

In his commentary, Bo Statham outlined Nevada’s tax dilemma and identified many areas of concern shared by proponents of the Education Initiative. Statham cited research showing Nevada is attractive to businesses because of low taxes, yet “it’s a poor environment for economic development.” He acknowledged Nevada’s embarrassingly low high school and college graduation rate and that our state revenue is insufficient to train the spectrum of skilled labor business needs. Poorly funded schools have strangled Nevada’s ability to diversify beyond low skilled workers and low wage jobs.

Despite these grim realities, Mr. Statham says the business margins tax is not the answer. Unfortunately, neither Mr. Statham nor the business community have yet to propose an alternate solution. It appears everyone wants better schools, but no one wants to pay for them. The fact is, without a business component, we will always have an unfunded mandate. Taxes on gaming, hospitality, mining and sales are too narrowly focused to meet Nevada’s needs.

To say Nevada would benefit from having better schools with more skilled graduates is a no-brainer. Funding education is the best investment Nevada’s businesses can make. It’s an irony then that the business community is concerned that venture investment capital completely ignores Nevada. The question boils down to whether business should be a partner in improving school funding. I believe the answer to that question and the question which will appear on the ballot on Nov. 4 is yes.

Warren Wish

Carson City

For some camaraderie, walk with us on Tuesday mornings

Tuesday morning walking group has a great time! Find out about the walks — pick up a flier at the community pool, senior center or Carson City Library, or check the Carson City Parks and Recreation and look for the link for the walks.

Donna N. Inversin

Carson City


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