Letters to the editor for Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Jim Wheeler is the true conservative

The political season is now in full season and I look forward to the letters to the editor. I have been intrigued by letters from supporters of Jim Wheeler’s opponent as they wax on about her strong conservative values and her extensive business experience who is uniquely qualified to be a leader in the Assembly without providing any specifics.

I went to her website hoping to find specific examples to these claims but only found examples of her background as a career bureaucrat. One writer claimed to be proud of Jim Wheeler’s opponent “when she resisted being trapped into signing the ‘No Tax Pledge.’ She is too smart to allow herself to be excluded from the negotiation process by doing so.”

No taxes/low taxes are a core conservative value and anyone who claims to be a “conservative” and compromises that core value calls into question their claim to be a conservative and is not worthy of my vote.

Another sentiment is the notion that Jim Wheeler is too rigid. Why is it perceived saying “no” is bad? As individuals, parents and grandparents, we have all had to say “no” to actions we believed not to be in the best interest of an individual or group.

So, I am very happy Jim Wheeler says “no” to more taxes, no to more business regulations and no to more regulation of my individual freedoms, and I am looking forward to Jim Wheeler being re-elected as my representative in State Assembly District 39.

Joe Ruisi


Commercial vehicles driven dangerously

Dear all members of the law enforcement community:

I want to inform you that I have seen every past, present and future personal and commercial vehicle driving in an erratic and dangerous manner. Further I recorded every past, present and future vehicle’s license plate. Rather than list every license plate number here, to save time I will freely tell you that the license plates I saw fell in between ‘1’ and ‘ZZZZZZZ.’

Please print this for your records, officer, deputy, patrolman or trooper, for thanks to a recent Supreme Court ruling, I have given you the gift of now having probable cause to suspect every man, woman and child in the United States who ever touched a vehicle. You’re welcome!


Philip B. Galbraith



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