Past Pages for Sunday, Nov. 16, 2014

140 Years Ago

Donations. The ever thoughtful ladies of the Episcopal church measured Rev. Allen’s dining room at the rectory of St. Peter’s Church, then got a nimble little horse hitched to a buggy, one behind the other, and started out on a kind of warpath. The ladies mean to do the proper thing by their parson and his family and home and tackled everybody who was likely to yield any coin. Soon they had enough money to enable themselves to purchase a handsome two-ply carpet, chinaware and table furniture for the parsonage. One of these plotting females invited Mrs. Allen to spend the afternoon while the others invaded the dining room, snaked out the old carpet, put down the new one, set out their crockery and table things. When Mrs. Allen returned home, she was taken aback and tremendously surprised.

130 Years Ago

Wayside notes. Mr. Nora, the divining-rod-man, can do a little quiet laughing for he has struck a ledge on the western slope of Mt. Davidson with his divining rod. John Sparks, cattle king, has branded 14,000 calves. While he attended to the calves, his wife is putting up the finest branded peaches in the state (Enterprise).

110 Years Ago

Kintescope [sic] performances: Manager Meder says that the Kintescope theater will open and the best of local talent will be present — moving pictures and illustrated songs will be shown.

70 Years Ago

License plates. 1945 license plates have been mailed to all county assessors. Malcolm McEachin, Secretary of State, said that there will be only one plate for cars. Plate allotments to the counties included: Elko — 26,001 to 28,500; Humboldt — 30,301 to 31,500; Ormsby — 39,301 to 40,200 and Nye — 32,601 to 33,900.

50 Years Ago

Advertisement. “Carson Theatre — ‘Fail Safe’ — Explodes with suspense on the motion picture screen,” with Dan O’Herlihy, Walter Matthau, Edward Binns and Larry Hagman.

15 Years Ago

Café Del Rio has reopened at the St. Charles Hotel at Third and Carson streets for the third time. The owners Brian and Arid Shaw established the Café Del Rio at Fourth and Carson, but their success was cut short when a fire swept through a vacant building on the historic block.

The Café Del Rio was reopened in Sept., 1998 in the Rinkel Mansion, but the lease was ended because of a lack of agreement.

Sue Ballew is the daughter of Bill Dolan, who wrote this column for the Nevada Appeal from 1947 until his death in 2006.


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