Letters to the editor for Saturday, Oct. 11, 2014

Flag deserves better treatment at Lone Mountain Cemetery

As past department president of the American Legion Auxiliary, I take a great offense for the treatment of our American flags at Lone Mountain, and I can only assume other cemeteries as well.

Occasionally during the summer, Wednesday slips by me and I forget to remove my husband’s decor from his grave in the veterans section. Unfortunately other people do the same thing.

Last Friday I was up there and found all of the flags thrown in the tree well along Beverly. I proceeded to stay there and collect all of them. I could not stick them upright in the ground because the dirt was too hard, but did take the time to lay each on the cement block ring.

I know you are going to say we can’t take time to upright each one. How sad time is so important. Our men didn’t think that when they were going to war. Respect our flag, never allow our flag to touch the ground. Most of all, respect our veterans that gave their all.

Now as to the downtown Carson City, why don’t the city fathers just leave the downtown area alone? You have already destroyed the looks by taking the wrought-iron fencing down. Wake up and think.

In another two years (we hope) the freeway will be finished and then who will be driving down Carson Street? Everyone will be sailing down 580 reading a map and saying, “Oh, look. It says the town of Carson City is west of here,” as they journey on to Tahoe, the reason they are on the freeway.

Agnes Williams

Carson City


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