nevada day revisited: 1964 & 1972

Editor’s Note: This continues a series featuring the Appeal’s coverage of past Nevada Days.

Reprinted from the Nov. 2, 1964 Nevada Appeal:

Nevada’s capital city was back to normal today — the streets, although filled with the usual traffic, looking somewhat deserted after the departure of the huge crowds which thronged the area Saturday for Nevada’s 100th birthday party.

Carson City ushered in its second 100 years of statehood with three days of activities, culminating Oct. 31 in the traditional Admission Day parade, swollen this year to 230 entries.

Some 80 law officers worked around the clock keeping order in the community and did, in fact, have to close down one Carson Street bar which became so jammed with humanity that for a time even a well-packed sardine would have had trouble getting in.

Carson City entries in the parade carried off a sizeable number of trophies, including five first places, six second places and eight third places.

Police Chief Robert Humphrey estimated the crowed at between 75,000 and 100,000 persons. Incidents which required the attention of law officers were not as numerous as anticipated, Humphrey said. However bookings were higher than they had been for several years with 60 persons hauled to jail on a variety of minor charges. Humphrey said the Old Globe Saloon was closed by law officers after individuals in the crowded bar began to break things. After the revelers were ushered out of the bar, they were milled around and refused to disperse, Humphrey said. A fire hosing was used briefly to clear the crowded street.

The chief said the hoses were used “minimally,” but he felt the use of them was justified.

“It would have become serious if we hadn’t used the fire hose,” he said.

Beefing up the local 18-man force for the rigors of Admission Day were seven officers from Reno, seven from Las Vegas, 15 from Sparks and some 10 State Highway Patrolmen.


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