Carson-Manouge match an instant classic

Several years ago, ESPN dubbed the wild Boise State-Nevada game in which Colin Kaepernick ran wild an “instant classic,” and replayed it right away.

If they did that with high school volleyball, Thursday’s Carson-Manogue battle at Morse Burley Gym would be heating up the airwaves. Simply put, it was one of the most exciting I’ve seen since the sport adapted rally scoring.

The crowd was good-sized, though I would have expected more for a match between schools who had just one lost match between them. The action kept everybody on the edge of their respective seats. There were big hits and great saves throughout the match.

Carson is usually battling for the third or fourth spot in the Sierra League, and now the Senators find themselves tied for first at 9-1 with six games left in the regular season, including two with Douglas and one more with Manogue and Damonte. Certainly nothing is certain, but if Carson can continue its scrappy play then a first-round home playoff game could be in the cards.

The scary thing about the Senators is they have just one senior — Sarah Christl. The Senators are probably a year ahead of schedule in terms of contending for a league title or spot in the state playoffs.

I think the team may have surpassed coach Robert Maw’s expectations.

Carson players beware. If you didn’t have a target on your back when the season started, you certainly do now.

Everybody will be gunning for you the rest of the season, so don’t rest on your laurels. One big win doesn’t make a season, and I’m sure Maw has told his squad the same thing.


And while we’re on the subject of girls volleyball, I simpy can’t believe North Valleys was awarded the Division I regionals and Hug is hosting state. Are you kidding me?

If the NIAA’s purpose was to have a totally neutral floor for the post-season it succeeded. Barring a miracle, neither NV or Hug will be in the regionals, and certainly neither will make state. If that was the rationale, I agree with the decision because no team should be in the post-season on its home floor. If the NIAA is trying to spread things around, I disagree with the decision. Honestly, I’d love to see the University of Nevada step up and offer the Virginia Street Gym for D-1 regionals. It’s a nice, compact place that can house the few hundred people which will attend the tournament each day.

I know, I know. I’m picking on the NIAA for the second straight week. I like the guys in the organization, I really do. I just don’t agree many times with the decisions being made.


Carson High is scheduled to host the soccer regionals on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday in November. One problem. Carson freshmen and JV football teams are scheduled to host Douglas on Thursday. I’ve not talked to CHS athletic director Bob Bateman yet to see what’s going to happen. One option would be to have Wednesday’s games at Carson and Thursday’s games at Damonte Ranch. They have artificial surface fields, and we all know early November we could get hit with some white stuff. Carson has always done a great job hosting regional events no matter what sport it is. It has the best spectator friendly gym and the best football facility. Nothing wrong with the baseball field, either.


As a parting shot, has the NFL gone nuts? They fine Kaepernick $10,000 for wearing headphones that I guess weren’t approved by the NFL. Roger Goodell get a clue. You guys shouldn’t be telling what kind of headsets players wear in post-game press conference for crying out loud. And besides Roger, why haven’t you been fined for your handling of the Ray Rice situation. Maybe you should cough up half your salary for NOT doing your job. Kaepernick did his on the field. It wasn’t like he was using foul language or making gang gestures in the news conference. Get your ship in order Roger before you start fining anybody.


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