Letters to the editor for Saturday, Oct. 18, 2014

Sheriff Antinoro deserves to be re-elected

I got to know Sheriff Antinoro when he testified at a jury trial last summer in Virginia City.

Storey County government was on trial, the news media said. My company suing Lance Gilman’s company. A lot of the evidence had to do with Mr. Gilman and his associates who are also Storey County elected and appointed officials.

My side called these Storey County public officials to the witness stand. Many of you might have heard about it or even been there. I know the jurors and spectators won’t forget it.

The outcome of the case was my company won, but the real story was about what we heard and saw about Storey County government. Sheriff Antinoro is not one of the good old boys. You are lucky to have him. I have the highest regard for his honesty, integrity and independence as a result of that trial.

I know you have an election next month, and there is a candidate in the race backed by Mr. Gilman. You have a choice to make between Sheriff Antinoro and the other guy. I believe that you know what is at stake. I hope you agree that Sheriff Antinoro deserves your vote.

Tom Gonzales

Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

Elected officials too busy campaigning to run the country

Where are our elected officials? They can’t be campaigning and fundraising when America is evolving into a country in crisis. Surely fundraising is not more important than the welfare of the people who elected these clowns. Forget the president; we know where he stands. He has been fundraising all over the country.

But the Congress and Senate have been noticeably incognito since we have gotten 150,000 illegal aliens coming over our borders; many of them sick, and now a lot of kids are getting sick with a virus that, for the most part, had been non-existent. Recently a group decided, in their wisdom, that it would be fine to bring people stricken with Ebola (a Level 4 virus) into our homeland. They decided, in their wisdom, there was no danger of the disease getting out of hand in the USA (clearly an arrogant, illogical belief in their own intelligence).

With new cases coming to light every day we are on the verge of a crisis. So, where are our elected officials? Where is the responsibility they were entrusted with — the welfare of the people of the United States of America? This irresponsibility is beyond ridiculous and we need to fire all of them.

Sandra Medeiros


Stagecoach board didn’t address need

There were five of us who went to the Stagecoach Advisory Board meeting Oct. 1, and two were businessmen. A man belonging to a wild horse group took over the meeting. We were there to see why we couldn’t have speed signs through Stagecoach 55 miles an hour because of so many vehicle accidents and horses being hit and dropping down to two lanes.

The one businessman asked, and he was shut down before he could finish. I was rudely told it was about animals, not debating speed limit signs.

What we don’t understand was why our commissioners who were there didn’t address the issue. I thought the purpose of this board was for the people to try to help. We were told at the meeting eight horses in the last week had been hit between Dayton and Silver Springs.

I see why very few people go. They’re only interested in their different little committees. We left before the meeting was over, and I was told the next morning a motorcycle hit a horse and he was hit by three cars in front of the community center. Very sad, but I think it proves our point — vehicles and animals go hand in hand. So, very sad this goes on and most people don’t care. It’s just an animal. It’s always the animal’s fault.

Carol Grows


Rombardo endorses Krueger

As the lead prosecutor, a District Attorney’s priorities are two: 1) justice and 2) victims. Only one candidate for District Attorney understands this, Mark Krueger. He has real experience. He has tried murders, sexual assaults, and crimes against children. He recently created a new program for victims and witnesses called the District Attorney’s Witness Guide (DAWG) program, a program adopted throughout the country that uses dogs to assist victims and witnesses.

Mr. Krueger’s opponent does not stack up.

First, he lacks experience. He has never tried a high profile murder cases, sex case, or similar case. When asked about DAWG, he stated being DA is about prosecuting crimes not dogs, which assist victims. What he fails to understand is programs like DAWG are used in more than half the country resulting in increased prosecutions.

Second, Woodbury recently informed the hospital that he believes transporting sexual assault victims to Washoe County is appropriate. This is an uncaring position. Imagine if your loved one was sexually assaulted and went to the hospital and is told, “Get in that car and drive 30 minutes to receive your exam.” As Sheriff Ken Furlong stated, “We treat prisoners better than sexual assault victims.” Woodbury thinks this is acceptable. Mark Krueger does not.

Third, Woodbury is supported by defense lawyers. Carson City does not need someone who is going to make deals with his defense lawyer friends. It needs a person who will protect the community and victims. Mark Krueger is the right man for District Attorney.

Neil A. Rombardo

Carson City District Attorney


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