Mound House Highway 50 project nearly finished

Drivers in the Mound House area can expect daytime lane closures from today through Oct. 25 as the contractor puts finishes paving Highway 50.

The project is just east of State Route 341 where the final asphalt surfaces is being put down.

A spokesman said the paving is part of the $6 million project by Granite Construction to repave U.S. 50 from Arrowhead Drive in Carson City to a mile east of the road up to Virginia City.

Those closures will occur during the daytime since asphalt is temperature sensitive.

The contractor has also installed 2,900 feet of new barrier rail, 12 drainage inlets and 22 light fixtures to improve safety through the corridor. In addition, a half mile of frontage road has been built along with safety enhancements at SR341 and Flint Drive as well as an acceleration lane for westbound turns form Alfonso Drive.

Depending on the weather, the project will be completed weeks ahead of schedule.

Once paving completes, project work will continue through the end of November with striping and shoulder, drainage and other final roadway improvements. Much of that final roadwork will take place on the roadside, with minimal traffic delays or lane closures.


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