Nevada Day revisited: 1948

Reprinted from the Nov. 2, 1948 Nevada Appeal:

Carson’s biggest celebration of 1948 went off as scheduled yesterday despite the fact that Mother Natured dealt a particularly cruel blow in sending down torrential rains that dampened the ardor of nearly 20,000 people who converged here for 1948’s Nevada Day event.

But for one thing the committee in charge was extremely thankful. The rains did not come in any appreciable amount until after the gigantic parade wound its way down Carson Street and which was viewed by throngs lining either side of this city’s main thoroughfare.

Some said that the procession was not as good as in previous years while others were of the opinion that yesterday’s parade was the best yet. However most will agree that the committee in charge accomplished its purpose in making the affair a truly representative parade.

Every county in the state was represented in some manner and even representations were sent form states adjoining Nevada. The display, which was started promptly at 11 a.m. from a point on North Carson Street, wound slowly southward past the judges stand immediately in front of the capitol building and then continued southward for blocks further. It took the parade one hour and five minutes to pass a given point.

Bands were plentiful and outstanding, drill teams marched with precision and floats and other displays were said to have been among the most beautiful and clever ever assembled here.

Soon after it was over, speeches were made from the judges stand with Judge Clark J. Guild delivering the Nevada Day address.

The afternoon was full and exciting despite the fact that steady, annoying rain came streaming down. A concert scheduled in front of the post office building was canceled soon after several numbers were played because of the weather.

Carson nipped Reno in a Nevada Day football clash and more inclement weather and Indian events near the civic auditorium attracted countless onlookers. The 1864 ball was a fitting climax to an eventful day.

The civic auditorium was packed with a holiday crowd who danced to good music until early this morning. The ball was started with the grand march which was led by Gov. and Mrs. Vail M. Pittman. Following theme were state and federal dignitary and members of the various Nevada Day committees.

Entertainment during the evening, which was reigned over by Miss Georgeanne Miller, Ormsby Queen, and Miss Rose Bell, Indian Queen, included the popular Reno Lions Club quartet and Miss Julie Hesse, the latter a ballet dancer just over from Germany.

If the wet weather during the day spoiled a portion of the celebration, it certainly had no effect on the dance last night. Long-time residents of Carson were of the unanimous opinion that the 1864 ball was one of the best ever staged here.

Carson meanwhile returned to normal today. Banners across the streets will soon come down, decorations and costumes will be put away for another year and life will soon begin to run as usual.

Despite the fact that streets were wet and slippery, no major automobile accidents occurred in Carson City and only a few on the Reno-Carson highway. Law authorities also said that misdemeanors were at a minimum and that everything generally went off very well.


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