County Commissioners approve CDL physicals

During comments, Commissioner Pete Olsen said the grand opening ceremony for the Dairy Farmers of American milk plant is next week. The LVN website will have updated information on day and time.

During comments, Commissioner Pete Olsen said the grand opening ceremony for the Dairy Farmers of American milk plant is next week. The LVN website will have updated information on day and time.

The Churchill County Commissioners approved at their Thursday meeting to require medical certificates for holders of commercial driver’s licenses (CDL).

Geof Stark, human resources director, said the safety committee recommends requiring CDL holders to continue to obtain a medical certificate.

“As noted in the report that has been a requirement in the past,” Stark said. “However, beginning this year, I think a federal statue, asks the states to be the clearing house that keeps track of the medical certificates.”

Stark said county employees, all CDL holders, have to self certify whether or not the physical is needed. He said as a liability issue, he believes it is best for the CDL employees to continue to get the physical.

“That mean’s they will have to self certify as an interstate driver and they will have to certify as non-accepted, which means they will still be required to get the physical every two years,” Stark said.

The county road department has most of the CDL holders, so we have developed a policy for them, Stark said.

“I met with the road supervisors to discuss this policy and made a little tweak to it to make sure the follow-ups with medical examiners were covered incase they had issues come up,” Stark said.

Commissioner Pete Olsen questioned Stark about regulations.

“This self certification, what they’re saying is if you are a local driver it’s not federally required to have a medical check every two years?”

The way it has been is government drivers — whether they are drivers for federal, state or local and if they don’t cross state lines — are exempt from the rule of having to get a physical, Stark said.

“So that means they can self accept themselves,” Stark said. “Now if they work for a private company that doesn’t count but because they’re working for a government entity that they can be accepted from getting a physical.”

Stark said local entities in Churchill County will continue to require the medical certificates.

Other item commissioners approved and/or discussed included the following:

Approved the safety committee to use monies from the Loss Control Excellence program award to purchase AEDs for the county library and museum.

Approved the district attorney be authorized to hire a new deputy district attorney at an advanced step appointment of step two of grade 71 and that it be applied retroactively to Aug. 25.

Approved the first payment for Churchill Animal Protection Society in the amount of $5,000 of their total allocation of $20,000 for fiscal year 2014-15.

Approved the transfers as approved by the Regional Transportation Commission.

Approved the engagement letters from Sciarani & Co. to perform agreed-upon procedures which are required by the AOC as numerated in the attached Nevada Court Minimum Accounting Standards guide for External Audits Version 1.0 document dated July 2013 for the Tenth Judicial District Court and the New River Township Justice Court for the period ended Aug. 31, for an amount no to exceed $3,250 per court as recommended by the Audit Committee.

Approved participation in the Churchill County Museum Association’s NV 150 Time Capsule event by directing the county manager to select item(s) representative of Churchill County to donate for the time capsule.

Approved the proclamation declaring September as Childhood Cancer Awareness month in Churchill County.

Approved the performance evaluation for the county manager and a one-step merit increase, effective Sept. 3.

Discussed concerns about the growing Bureau of Land Management issues and approved a draft to be written up by the county manager to present to the governor and higher officials.

Discussed the grand opening of the Diary Farmers of American facility on Wednesday.

Discussed the Fallon Paiute Shoshone Tribe breaking ground next to the Fox Peak for a movie theatre and a jail on tribal land in the next couple of weeks.


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