Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2014

Obama fails at fighting terror

Regarding Bo Statham’s column “Hysteria over ISIS shouldn’t push us into another war,” the stumblebum Obama administration has tried every terror-fighting alternative to war that Statham suggests and failed at all of them.

The modern American left that Statham personifies is a mix of seeker cults that worship junk science like man caused global warming and sap magnets like the deeply anti-Semitic Occupy movement.

Everyone in this collection of misfits shares a hatred for war, but not for humanitarian reasons. This is the party of anti-cop street riots, vandalizing innocent shop owners, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Fast and Furious, Chappaquiddick, and senior Democrat Party statesman and serial sexual harasser Bill Clinton’s one man war on women.

The common denominator is an abiding hatred of this nation that George McGovern inadvertently confirmed in 1972 when he declared that America didn’t deserve to win in Vietnam.

I suspect Statham’s objection to war is strictly ideological. The hysteria he refers to is over the possibility that Obama might, out of cold-blooded political calculation, violate the left’s unwritten catechism and take America to war with ISIS.

Lynn Muzzy



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