Drivers, motorcyclists stay safe during Street Vibrations

It’s here. Street Vibrations has arrived and traffic congestion is expected to be high as thousands of motorcycle enthusiast take to the roadways. This week may prove even more challenging as smoke from the King fire and possible rain may hamper riders and drivers alike.

This means that, at times, visibility could be limited and the roadways possibly slick. Riders are urged to be extra cautious when riding in the Carson City area especially in areas where special events are being held as traffic will be heavy.

Drivers are urged to pay closer attention to motorcyclists as some riders may not be familiar with city streets and may be driving slower than the posted speed limit or make unexpected lane changes and turns. Many of the recreational riders will be in groups and as such, they will try and stay as close together as possible so that they all arrive safely.

Drivers: Avoid tailgating, blowing your horn, or cutting off motorcyclists as this may lead to a crash. Pay attention to their turn and hand signals. Often times a rider will look back at the lane they wish to move to and will point at that lane so as to let you know their intentions. Give them the courtesy of the lane and be aware that a group may move as one.

Riders: Avoid cutting off other vehicles, this could lead to a road rage incident. Use your directional and hand signals and make sure that motorists can see you (wear reflective and bright clothing and keep your headlights on). If possible, ensure that drivers acknowledge your intended actions before implementing them especially when changing lanes or making turns. As a reminder, splitting lanes is not legal in the State of Nevada.

We all want a safe and enjoyable time during Street Vibrations so remember, anything that affects your ability to operate your motorcycle or vehicle should be avoided so don’t drink and ride or drive.


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