Carson High School’s SafeGrad may be coming to an end due to lack of funding

Carson High School’s SafeGrad program is seeking donations to keep the event as a fixture in Carson City.

SafeGrad, the 20-year-old program put on by parents and volunteers, is an all-night party at the Carson City Community Center and a day trip to Six Flags for graduating seniors to spend one last time with their friends and classmates.

“It is keeping our kids off the streets and safe,” said Karri Couste, SafeGrad chair. “The kids appreciate the program.”

However, this two decade long program may be coming to an end due to lack of funding.

All the money that goes into putting on the party comes from community donations and fundraising, but this year, the money isn’t coming in.

“We need the money, and we just aren’t getting it,” Couste said. “We can still put on the SafeGrad party this year, but we won’t have enough for next year and it will have to end.”

The party can cost up to $35,000, which goes toward entertainment and food for nearly 250 students. This year, some attractions will include a marker tattoo artist, massage therapists, and a bounce house.

“Usually we have about $8,000 at this point, but this year we have just under $5,000,” Couste said.

SafeGrad holds a 5K each February as their big fundraiser, and though the race was successful, it didn’t produce enough funds for the program.

Couste is looking for help from the community to be able to continue this program. Businesses can help by donating money or gift cards, and community members can donate money as well. The program has its own GoFundMe account under Carson High SafeGrad or it can be sent by mail to P.O. Box 486, Carson City 89701.

Aside from monetary help, Couste said more volunteers are also needed to help with the actual event.

“I know I am doing it for the kids, and not just mine,” Couste said. “It’s put on by a lot of people and it is a program that a lot of people believe in. They don’t just do it because they have a graduating senior.”

“It is a community run event,” Couste added. “We would love to keep it going.”

For more information on the event or how to donate visit the Carson High SafeGrad website at For questions contact Karri Couste at 775-224-8953.

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