TRIAD program geared toward Carson City seniors

The Carson City Sheriff’s Department will revamp an old program in hopes to help bring valuable information to all members of the community.

The newly revamped TRIAD program is a collaboration between Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong, District Attorney Jason Woodbury and Fire Chief Bob Schreihans. The program will work with seniors to educate them about issues of concern.

The three met with seniors Friday at the Senior Center to discuss the dangers of credit card scam.

“We want to see what they need,” Furlong said.

The three officials, along with one of Furlong’s detectives spoke with the seniors to warn them of giving out personal information and money to people over the phone.

“You didn’t win the lottery, your grandson isn’t in a foreign jail,” Furlong said to the seniors. “If you didn’t call for it or remember entering for it, it’s not true.”

Furlong talked about a childhood friend whose mother was scammed out of $10,000 because she was told a family member was in trouble and needed to give the money.

“I don’t want that to happen to you, to this town,” Furlong said.

One of the latest scams Furlong said the Sheriff’s Department was seeing was someone calling saying the individual was needed at the Sheriff’s Department to fix a problem.

“This worries me because they are enticing you to leave your house,” Furlong said.

This is why Furlong and the other government agents want to revive TRIAD, so they can have these discussions with the seniors to talk about things in the community that concerns them.

“We want to know what is happening and want to know how to help you,” Furlong said.

Schreihans also talked to the crowd about how the fire department can be of assistance to the community, by offering the CC Cares program, which is a $50 a year fee to pay for possible ambulances. The program allows individuals to only pay the $50 if they need an ambulance, and the program pays for the costs that aren’t covered by insurance for ambulance trips. Individuals can sign up by visiting the fire station on Stewart Street.

Many of the seniors thought the TRIAD program was a good idea.

“I like this program, it makes sense,” said Karin Young. “I’ve been scammed and you can’t be careful enough.”

Many seniors spoke with Furlong, Schreihans, and Woodbury after the presentation to ask questions and give praise.

“I’m so impressed that they are there for us in ways I didn’t know,” said Mary Huntt. “They really care.”

Furlong said it’s all about getting them the information they need in a way that’s convenient and easy for them.

“We need to be more responsive to the community than them be responsive to us,” Furlong said. “This type of information sharing is the target.”

Information on future gatherings of the TRIAD will be printed in the Appeal when they are announced.

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