Letters to the editor for Friday, April 17, 2015

‘Nevada — ‘A Daddy Warbucks state’

When I read the article about the governor signing AB 165, I was absolutely flabbergasted! Looks like we should change our state motto to “Nevada — A Daddy Warbucks state.”

Is there anything in the bill to at least limit these giant giveaways to U.S. citizens? We’d better brace ourselves for the flood of people (legal and illegal) coming to Nevada for a “free private school education.”

The problem is, who is going to pay for this? Giving business a tax credit for “contributing” to these freebies will only necessitate replacing these with monies from other sources. Look at what happened with the Millennium Scholarship program. Of course, when it ran out of money, the state General Fund was tapped to pick up the slack.

Limiting the program to a household income of $73,000 a year for a family of four is ludicrous. I would guess that this would be more than most Nevada families will make in a year. Is the income limited to earned sources, or does it include any welfare or other government/state benefits?

This bill appears to me to be another program for the illegal immigrants. Our “popular” governor appears to be a spokesman for illegal immigrants. A statue honoring him should be erected in every country that sends these illegal immigrants to our fair state!

Alicia Kittess

Carson City

Need explanation for high gas bill

I have a 2,100-square-foot house with a new 98 percent furnace. The heat is never on during bedtime and only on in the morning; a forced air fireplace warms the family room in cold weather. My gas bill for January was $250. I received a notice it is going up again.

I talked to my niece in Minnesota. Last January, it was 35 degrees below zero. Her natural gas is on 24/7, and her gas bill is less than mine. I wrote the Public Utilities Commission to complain, and have not even gotten a letter saying it would look into it. Another government agency that is supposed to look out for the public that doesn’t care.

Also, the gas company spends tons of money on TV telling us how much gas we have. Something is rotten in Carson City. How many of you have experienced the same problem?

Tim Holdsworth

Carson City


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