Letters to the editor for Tuesday, April 21, 2015

AB375 is bad for Nevada

As a mature member of the transgender community, I am greatly disturbed by the proposed AB375. For over 50 years, I struggled with my own gender identity, beginning transition at 55 years old to finally live my authentic life. During the transition, I never had any intentions, regarding restroom use, other than quietly entering an appropriate facility, use the facility for its intended purpose, and leave. I have never encountered or caused any issues in any restroom.

Suddenly we have AB375, which takes me aback — a test “at the chromosomal level” could unnecessarily — and potentially dangerously — have me use the men’s or boys’ restrooms in public facilities. And I ask, to what end? Because someone with little or no understanding of gender dysphoria imagines the unimaginable and assumes something could happen that most likely would not?

AB375 will not only create further emotional obstacles for young folks who live with the inner agony of gender dysphoria, but for the overall learning environment that would be created, causing students to be more concerned about their classmates’ anatomy than the classroom lessons at hand. We need to have civilized discussions above the belt and move on with life.

I implore those of good conscience, from a very experienced and practical perspective, to oppose AB375 for the good of our students and for the good of Nevada.

Kimi Cole

Carson City

The aches and pains of growing older

A good night sleep to which the bones to ache

The pain we try to hide

The bones break as the age creeps in

Youth steps away to the side

Is it the floorboards that creek and moan,

Or is it our bones that speak?

Old age takes a special strength

But with our aches we appear too weak

A pill here, a heating pad there,

But our minds are what keep us strong

Youth is what we lack with age

But part of life we still belong

Old age obviously is not for the young;

They have their strength in their youthful way

But the aches and pains that come with age

With our strength knowing the pain will stay

Ouch! Ouch! Keeps in time with each step

Do I really want to bend down for that dollar?

Well, I have enough meds, the heating pad is on

What the hell, I’ll just lean over and holler.

Grant H. Wass

Carson City


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