Letters to the editor for Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sensible budget plan necessary

Nevadans thought they were electing a small government Republican when they put Brian Sandoval in the governor’s seat a second time, but we see now that Progressivism has taken over the governor’s office and with it, no sunset that was promised on the huge tax increases implemented in 2009. In fact, on top of extending those “temporary” taxes, Sandoval’s budget calls for even more taxes on businesses and tobacco users.

So how does the governor justify all this new money? “It’s for the children,” he says. Sandoval’s ideas about how to improve our schools with more tax dollars have been tried and all have failed because throwing money at the problem will never fix it.

Just when our fragile business atmosphere is beginning to return, our governor wants to squash it with higher taxes! The business margins tax was overwhelmingly defeated last November, yet the governor seems to think that by renaming it a “business license tax” that Nevadans will go along with it. How insulting is that?

It is time to stop the lies and bait and switch tactics. Enter a sensible budget plan. Nevada is fortunate to have Ron Knecht as our state controller. He has put forth a budget plan that will allow those temporary taxes to retire; won’t create any new taxes and will put education back in the hands of local control. Ron’s Balanced Plan for Growth will begin the process of reining in our oversized government. It’s about time.

Teri A. Cotham



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