Optical research firm opens in Reno

A Michigan-based company is expected to create 30 new jobs after establishing a facility in the South Reno area, according to officials.

IMMY Inc. is a provider of 3D augmented reality and virtual reality imaging, according to the Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada, which made the announcement.

According to EDAWN, IMMY plans to initially employ technology-related positions at an average wage of $24 per hour and invest approximately $2 million in capital equipment expenditures to deploy the new facility in the first two years.

“This is a great addition to the region’s growing technology sector,” said, Mike Kazmierski, CEO of EDAWN.

“It is especially exciting to see that IMMY’s investment includes a research and development component that will spur on the advancement of 3D imaging while helping to brand Reno as a place that is at the cutting edge of innovation and technology.”

The company became fully operational in early March. The focus of the new facility is prototype development and low-volume production.

“The Reno business community is doing a terrific job building their ecosystem and is really paying attention to small business owners’ needs,” said Doug Magyari, CEO of IMMY.

“The smart, business-friendly climate of Reno is what has drawn us to the area, and we’re looking forward to building this division of our company in Reno.”

The company’s proprietary natural eye optics are integrated into the IMMY eyewear platform, which can be used by customers in industry, medicine, entertainment and the military. (Learn more at www.immyinc.com).

“It seems like every month, we’re celebrating a company locating or expanding in northern Nevada,” said Kazmierski in a recent interview.

Recent companies relocating to the area are Koch Business Solutions, a division of Koch Industries, which opened a 50-person IT applications center in Reno.

Another company called Seeco Switch, a manufacturer of electrical utility transmission lines and substation high voltage equipment, will open a 10-person office in Reno.

In EDAWN’s April executive update, the organization said that the activity level of site visits increased to 12 in the past month, for a fiscal year to date total of 100 site visits.


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