Letters to the editor for Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Leaders should look at Reading Mastery

Dear Gov. Sandoval,

Do you understand that a child who cannot read cannot learn anything without knowing how to read? Reading is the basis of all education. Nevada is at the bottom of the nation in its reading achievement proficiency. The very bottom.

We must teach our primary age children to read or our state will remain mired in failure. No less than 95 percent of K-12 students should be able to read proficiently as measured by National Assessment of Educational Progress. This must be a priority.

No, it isn’t conservative to have failing schools. What are you going to do about teaching our primary age students to read? I would recommend that you begin with viewing a highly successful reading program called Reading Mastery. Just Google it. This program has also been implemented in Winnemucca.

Please emphasize the necessity of reading to Mr. Erquiaga. He apparently does not understand the critical necessity nor what entails effective instruction.


Sharon Steele Kientz

Carson City


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