Doreen Mack guest column: Small businesses can’t afford SB252

I’m writing this as a business owner who has spoken to many businesses, residents, agricultural community, and yes, teachers who all support education, including myself, but, not at the expense of small businesses. At a glance looking at the Gov. Brian Sandoval’s bill this sounds like an appealing option, but go a little deeper and you will see this could be a devastating decision for many of the people who are the backbone of our business community. This bill could possibly be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

It reads as follows:

SB252: AN ACT relating to business; revising provisions governing the imposition, collection and enforcement of the state business license fee to establish a business license fee based on the Nevada gross revenue of a business; revising provisions relating to the issuance of state business licenses and transferring certain responsibilities from the Secretary of State to the Department of Taxation; providing penalties; and providing other matters properly relating thereto.

Our country was founded on entrepreneurs who were courageous enough to have a vision and build a foundation to sustain our country that gave every one of us, at one time or another, an opportunity to have a job. They are the salt of the earth who make up our city and our community. It affects everyone who has a business and can take away the dreams of others who desire to, because it’s cost prohibitive.

Believe me folks, the business community is not a continuing sea of money. We have lost many businesses during our recession; and for the ones who survived, including myself, we had to be flexible and compromise. Many businesses are just finally climbing out of this recession’s devastating effects. Take a look at your city and speak to your local business person. We need more retail shops and to encourage business growth.

But, who supports the small business owner? They support themselves and count on you. Unlike the city, state employees and teachers, small businesses do not get a weekly paycheck. These are hardworking people who generate their own income, pay overhead, employees (if they can afford to have them), pay their own insurance and do not get paid vacations. Yet, many of us still support and give back to our community, including the schools from donations, time, and money, for we understand the importance of helping people succeed. But, businesses can’t afford another expense.

I have made the overture to Governor Sandoval to speak about this, to no avail. He’s a busy man, but not too busy to make a decision that affects so many people. There are other options, but don’t segregate the business community.

A note to all businesses: Only you can support your business and for many this is your livelihood. This bill has passed the Nevada Senate. When it comes up at the Assembly your presence is important. You don’t have to speak, but you do have a voice and this is your opportunity to use it. You can follow this bill at the following link,

Email your Assemblyman, P.K O’Neill and share your concerns at or contact Jim Wheeler at

Doreen Mack is president of the Downtown 2020 Group and owner of Lofty Expressions.


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