BLM says land transfer to Carson City expected next month

Long-awaited transfer of about 5,400 acres in federal public lands to Carson City is expected by late May, the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) said Wednesday.

Land in the transfer includes the Prison Hill recreation area, Silver Saddle Ranch, parcels in the Goni Canyon area, more near the city’s sanitary landfill, and acreage. The matter has been in process for some time and work on finishing up the details has been ongoing during that time, as the city’s open space manager noted.

“Carson City and the BLM have worked diligently over the past several years to achieve this land transfer, and we are pleased it’s become reality,” said Ann Bollinger, open space administrator. “We look forward to celebrating with the community.”

The north end of Prison Hill currently is closed to motorized use and is going to remain closed after the transfer, according to a BLM news release. It said illegal use continues to occur in that area despite markers placed at the site notifying the public the area is closed.

Boulders also have been placed in the area to close major motorized vehicle access routes, and the city plans to keep the area that way while clearly marking a parking area for non-motorized users, according to the release.

A BLM spokesman from the Carson City BLM district office in Carson City said it would remain supportive after a patent and deed for transfer of the public lands to the city is finalized in about a month.

“We have a great relationship with Carson City and look forward to being a supportive partner as they work to implement their master plan in the area,” said Leon Thomas, Sierra front field manager for the BLM.

The land comes to Carson City in the aftermath of a federal law enacted earlier.


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