Nevada Appeal at 150: Aug. 26, 1922: Concrete highway completed between Reno and Carson

Aug. 26, 1922

Concrete highway between Reno, Carson

The linking of Reno and Carson City with concrete pavement is now an accomplished fact. The last cement for the inter-city highway was poured at 6:25 o’clock last evening with Mayor A.B. Gray manipulating the machinery that permitted the paving material to flow from mixer to the header boards against the ties of the Virginia & Truckee main line track, which now separates the eighteen-foot concrete roadway from the street-wide paved portion of Carson Street.

September fifteenth the paving within Carson’s limits will be opened to traffic and the journey from Reno to Carson and vice versa will be a matter of an hour or less by automobile, and all high gear running for the machines.

A large crowd was on hand to witness the finish of the paving, which had been delayed several hours, first because of lack of material, and again late in the afternoon when rain fell for a short time.

Until a few months ago it was not believed possible that the half mile of North Carson Street would be paved. It required a lot of figuring on ways and means and discussion to bring it about, but the worst stretch of road in the city and for many miles around has been eliminated. Motorists will put up with the rough bumpy detour for another three weeks, comparatively willingly in view of the fine travel-prospect ahead.

Denis Hurley, one of the members of the board of city trustees, last evening suggested that a big celebration at the time the last stretch is thrown open to use will be in order. No doubt others will agree that it will be fitting for residents of the two cities to observe the occasion.

This continues the Appeal’s review of news stories and headlines during its Sesquicentennial year.


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