Carson Tahoe Hospital honors late doctor

A portrait of Dr. Jack Davis. The Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center honored Davis by renaming their physician's lounge in his honor.

A portrait of Dr. Jack Davis. The Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center honored Davis by renaming their physician's lounge in his honor.

The Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center honored one of its late doctors Monday afternoon in a ceremony dedicating the physician’s lounge in his name.

The hospital renamed its lounge to Dr. Jack Davis after he passed away in February of cardiovascular complications, and renamed the lounge to the Dr. Jack L. Davis Physician Lounge. Hospital staff, friends and family of Dr. Davis’s gathered in the newly named lounge for a ceremony to unveil the new name and to remember their late friend.

“He made a profound impact on all of us and the idea came from the physicians because this place was like Dr. Davis’s living room,” said Kitty McKay, director of Development. “It was a good way to honor and remember him.”

Davis was a part of the Carson Tahoe Hospital community for 15 years before his passing. He was on staff with Carson Tahoe for more than 15 years as an orthopedic surgeon. He served in a leadership capacity from 2008-2014 and was Medical Chief of Staff from 2010-2012. He was employed by Tahoe Fracture from 2012 until his death.

Loved ones shared their fondest memories of the doctor, from their daily breakfast routines in the lounge to his successful career. His two daughters and granddaughters also spoke about the love that they had for their father and how amazing of a doctor he was.

“Growing up I was always so proud that my dad was a doctor,” said his daughter Amy Johnson. “Through this, we have been able to meet so many people who have been impacted by my dad and it really reaffirmed by belief that I have had since I was four or five that he was a really great doctor.”

In addition to the lounge, hospital staff announced that they have created new programs in his honor. One is a $1,000 scholarship for a Western Nevada College student in his name. The second program is the Dr. Davis Physician Wellness Program through Carson Tahoe Hospital.

The program is an annual project that is no cost to the physicians that will help them get lab panels, stress echoes and heart smart screenings to try to help doctors stay healthy.

“It’s challenging to be a surgeon and often they sacrifice their health and their work to life balance and in recognizing that, we want to kick off this wellness program,” said Michelle Joy, Carson Tahoe vice president & COO. “We want to help our doctors be able to catch anything and help contribute to the health of our physicians.”

Many described Davis as a great friend, a good listener and an inspiring man and many wanted to remember Dr. Davis for how great he was and take a bit of his spirit and energy to put toward their everyday lives.

“There are so many ways we can make a legacy and Jack Davis impacted us and this is one way we can remember him and that will live forever,” said McKay. “We can go forward and bring the coolness of Jack to our community.”


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