Letters to the editor for Saturday, Aug. 8, 2015

Maybe Trump can make a difference

As we believe that we live in a democratic republic, it is a for real reality that we cannot control anything that happens in our world. We may — by accident, however — elect whom we desire, but they get controlled fairly quickly and cannot do as they promised.

We cannot get satisfaction that ones of power will never face any prosecution for lawbreaking, wrongdoing or even death of people due to their incompetence. We cannot get the truth out of anybody with power. Even this newspaper cannot print the truth if it is to stay a business.

As it has been said before, we are in this state because they want it that way, and it could be changed for the good of the majority — only if they will allow it. As it appears, the one person that could possibly make any difference right now may be Donald Trump; he cannot be bought, his life has been threatened and his past is pretty much history. Let us not forget what happened to Robert Kennedy.

Craig Lewis

Carson City


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