Letters to the editor for Saturday, Aug. 15, 2015

Declawing, illegal immigrants and color of one’s skin

How unprofessional they handled an adoption over declawing in the letters to the editor on July 19. That shouldn’t have been a question. The question they should have asked is, could they provide a good home for the kitten?

Why is this shelter still open? It sounds like it is very inadequate. Why haven’t they built a no-kill shelter? Hire competent and caring people. If they had any care about animals, you would think they would be glad to find good homes.

I agree with the letter about illegal immigrants. They should learn English. My grandma came from Italy and she was more than happy to learn English. Why can’t the Mexicans? They come over the border and take over with their crap. People who live here don’t get a chance. How fair is this? I see in the news that they are protecting the border, but how come there are so many? And why is the president letting them in with special conditions?

Blacks — I thought about this subject and watch TV, movies and news. And it sickens me to think someone could judge a person by his or her color of skin. Are they that shallow that they can’t see a person? I guess once an ignoramus, always an ignoramus. Stick your head in the sand and avoid the truth. Too bad for you.

Ruth Berg

Carson City


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