Letters to the editor for Sunday, Aug. 16, 2015

America, it was great knowing you

I am commenting on the Past Pages from the Aug. 4 edition of the Nevada Appeal. 100 Years Ago — ”We are a firm believer in work and the fellow who works. This is a great country and it is so because we are a nation of workers. Work has made us what we are, and more work will make us even greater than we are. There is no end to the possibilities when everybody works.”

There was no author quoted for this great piece from 100 years ago. What a difference 100 years makes! We have slowly been becoming a nation of “I want, I deserve, I’m entitled.” The citizens who feel that something is owed to them are eventually going to outnumber those who contribute and work.

When the balance is tipped and the workers and companies can no longer contribute enough to support those who feel entitled, what do we have then? More taxes on the workers and companies that provide jobs, to the point that the workers and companies can no longer support themselves. It is a downward spiral and I hope that is does not happen so quickly that I live to see it. I am hoping and praying that things will turn around, but the mind sets of the politicians — local, state and federal — is all about spending the taxpayers’ money to make them look good.

America, it was great knowing you when you were a world leader and great nation.

Brad McCleary

Carson City

Trump, Carson, Fiorina viable candidates

Both the Commentary and the Letter to the Editor in the Aug. 13, issue of the Appeal took exception to Mr. Trump’s candidacy for President of the United States.

Comments such as “self-adoration and vanity go beyond mere egotism,” “zero qualifications to be president of this nation”, “media-driven ego drive” and “know-nothing” windbag and political charlatan” were mentioned.

When thinking about egos please keep in mind Barack Hussein Obama, our current “do it my way or no way” president who won’t say “Islamic extremists”. He would rather be playing golf or vacationing at the taxpayers’ expense using Air Force One than trying to work with Congress to resolve many of the current problems.

Or maybe think about candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton who has a trail of questionable morals from Whitewater to the present server questions. Part of her campaign seems to be that she should be elected president because of her gender.

Both of them seem to have very major ego problems.

In regard to qualifications, I find it impressive that candidates Trump, Carson and Fiorina have generated so much interest by voters. All three of them, being from the business world, are not Washington politicos.

Also keep in mind the majority of our early presidents and members of Congress came from the business world, farmers or plantation owners, merchants and shopkeepers, doctors, preachers, etc. A prime interest of theirs was to preserve the Constitution and to serve this nation.

As successful business people they strived to meet the demands of their customers and their shareholders, seeking advice from experienced people, not political cronies, when necessary.

They were not politicians seeking to satisfy their egos, their party, or in keeping their jobs.

The United States of America is a business, probably the biggest in the world, and I feel it presently could use more successful professional business people involved in running it.

Sanford E. Deyo


Carson City employees rewarded handsomely

Let’s see if I understand Carson City’s new contract with city employees correctly. The employees are generously giving up cost of living increases in the new contract, but they will receive annual increases of 3 percent plus merit raises beginning at an additional 3 percent for “meeting job expectations” up to 5.5 percent for “outstanding performance.” With the cost of living over the past few years near zero, I’d say they will be rewarded rather handsomely for their sacrifice.

Raymond Kechely

Carson City


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