Subdivision near Carson City airport proposed

Prospects for a subdivision of at least 100 homes near Carson City’s Airport were discussed at a Wednesday meeting, but various hurdles stand between it and reality.

John Uhart of John Uhart Commercial Real Estate Services held preliminary discussions in an Airport Authority evening session at which two authority members expressed reservations, while the chairman and authority advisers said the first matter necessary was to check with the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA). After that, Uhart said, if a prospective developer for the 38 acres wants to proceed other governing hurdles apply.

He told authority members the acreage in escrow would require review by city planners, the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors to get a Master Plan amendment and zoning change from tourist/commercial to residential before the subdivision of 100 or 120 lots could move forward. He said that represents about three houses per acre. They would go adjacent to the airport’s western boundary.

Karl Hutter, authority chairman, said as stewards of the airport the panel is charged with “being thoughtful about that” and would consider whether residential complaints could crop up or ample disclosure could be built into the process should the subdivision go forward.

“Early communication is best,” he also said, and Uhart was thanked for the preliminary discussion.

Uhart said with the help of Jim Clague, the authority’s engineer, he would provide maps and other details of the possible development to the FAA to get a determination of its outlook. Should matters proceed, he and Hutter talked of another discussion at a subsequent authority meeting. Steve Tackes, authority attorney, said the authority could then decide on a position if members wanted, and provide it to the Planning Commission.

How that would go was unclear, but two members voicing apprehension about residences near an airport runway causing complaints were quite clear regarding their concerns. They were Don Peterson and Phil Stotts.

Outside the meeting room, the possible developer identified himself as Kim Posnien of Gardnerville, but he cautioned matters remain preliminary.

He said nothing has yet been filed with the city’s Community Development Department.


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