Carson City MAC construction on schedule

An aerial view of the Multi-purpose Athletic Center (MAC) shows construction progress Thursday afternoon in Carson.

An aerial view of the Multi-purpose Athletic Center (MAC) shows construction progress Thursday afternoon in Carson.

Christmas comes but once annually, and this year Carson City’s multi-purpose athletic center is likely to come with it.

Barring any unexpected construction blockage, according to the main contractor and city officials, the $8.5 million project should be done before Dec. 25.

“The bottom line is we’re on schedule to have a Christmas party,” said Bill Miles of Miles Construction, the construction manager at risk spearheading work on the building.

Roger Moellendorf, Parks and Recreation Department director, at mid-week said the second floor overhead walking/jogging track was being put in then. Rick Cooley, city government’s construction manager for all projects, made the same comment and added the roof should start going on some time during the work week beginning Monday.

Miles said at times during the building process there have been as many as 50 people on the site just south of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Western Nevada at 1870 Russell Way. He said there are workers, government people and inspectors consulting for the city there on occasion.

“We have multiple crews and consultants, testing lab personnel, photographers,” Miles said with a smile.

Moellendorf assessed all the cooperative effort and the players involved.

“I think we’ve got a pretty good team out there,” he said.

Moellendorf said there’s a weekly meeting he attends involving the various interested parties to monitor project progress and deal with other details.

“Our department,” he said, “right now is kind of the ‘customer.’”

The MAC will have two collegiate-sized basketball courts with smaller courts overlaid on them, allowing various indoor sporting events, as well as the overhead track and related amenities.

Cooley said the city has Vali Cooper and Associates, a California consulting firm with offices in Carson City, for some monitoring and Terracon, Reno-based engineers and scientists, for quality control oversight, and he added matters seem to be progressing smoothly.

“Things are great,” he said. “The project is moving as scheduled. All the team members are working together.”

He said the job was about 40 percent in, as measured by expenditure, 60 percent measured by time, which was normal because expenses at the end catch up as mechanical and other work was finishing up.

“It’s just kind of clickin’ along,” he said.

Miles said, meanwhile, that matters had been clicking along even better in the spring but June rains lasting three or four days had put construction back on the original track anticipated. He never has wavered, however, on his original pledge before the project began of finishing in time for a December party. The city officials seem confident Miles’ projection is accurate.

“That’s still the plan — to be done the first part of December,” said Cooley.

“We’re really pleased with it,” said Moellendorf, “and it seems to be on time.”


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