Nevada Appeal at 150: March 4, 1943: Gandhi fought for his life in 21-day fast

Poona, India, March 4 — Dr. B.C. Roy, chief of six physicians who attended Mohandas K. Gandhi during his fast, said today that full control of mind over body and a determination to live enabled him to survive 21 days without solid food.

“Gandhi fought every inch of the ground for his life,” Dr. Roy said in an interview.

Gandhi, 73-year-old Indian Nationalist leader, ended his fast yesterday, having subsisted for three weeks on water mixed with lime juice.

A bulletin from the doctors still in attendance said Gandhi slept well last night and was cheerful today. He had orange juice, honey, and water during the day, he said.

Gandhi’s fast was in protest of his arrest, which came after the outbreak of disturbances and a campaign of civil disobedience after Great Britain rejected plans for giving India self-governance.

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