Carl Howell Memorial Freeway dedicated in Carson City

Kevin Howell, the father of Deputy Carl Howell gets emotional as he talks about his son during a freeway sign dedication ceremony on Tuesday.

Kevin Howell, the father of Deputy Carl Howell gets emotional as he talks about his son during a freeway sign dedication ceremony on Tuesday.

The Carson City Deputy Carl Howell Freeway was dedicated Tuesday by the Nevada Department of Transportation.

Deputy Howell was killed in the line of duty Aug. 15, when he was shot after responding to a domestic violence call.

Gov. Brian Sandoval and NDOT approved having the Carson City bypass, a nine-mile stretch of I-580, dedicated to the fallen officer. In a small ceremony with the Carson City Sheriff’s Office, Howell’s family and other public officials, including Sandoval, the signs were unveiled on the Capitol Grounds.

“When we pass by that sign, remember the sacrifice and the service this family gave,” said Carson City Mayor Robert Crowell. “Thank you for the honor of naming the freeway after one of our most honored citizens.”

Immediately after the ceremony, NDOT unveiled the nine and a half by six-foot sign on the southbound side of I-580 near the East Fifth Street bridge.

“Howell courageously and selflessly lay down his life for our community,” Sandoval said. “This is a way we can memorialize his legacy.”

Sandoval said Howell is only one of five people in the state, who aren’t presidents, to have a road named after him.

“This freeway in his honor is to show the gratitude of this state for him and all the law enforcement in our community,” Sandoval said. “This highway will serve as a constant reminder that this state will never forget this tragedy.”

The governor asked for a moment of silence as the cloth over the sign was dropped to reveal the dedication of the Carson City Deputy Sheriff Carl Howell Memorial Freeway. He also gave a proclamation, stating the freeway will never be renamed, to Carl’s father, Kevin Howell.

“I know when I drive down the freeway and see the signs, I will feel pride and be reminded of his service to everyone,” Kevin said. “I wish he was here today. But myself and his family, have so much pride for Carl.”

He also said how proud he is of Carl for following in his footsteps and going into public service. Carl was in law enforcement, a volunteer firefighter and a veteran of the Marines.

“I am glad that he went that way, as far as public service,” Kevin said, unable to hold back tears. “It’s a rewarding way to help your fellow man. This has not been easy, but when you are in this business, you know the things that can happen and the risks involved.

“I am glad he was able to save people and do what he needed to be done. Anyone would be proud to have Carl as a son.”

Carson City Sheriff Ken Furlong spoke about Carl’s character, “Carl did as every officer, firefighter and paramedic does: run to the safety of others with little regard for his own welfare,” Furlong said. “This dedication is a message back to our officers that Northern Nevada recognizes what you do every day, every shift. What a hero he was, what a role model he was, and what a compassionate man he was.”

Another sign is going to be on the northbound lanes of I-580 near the bridge and future signs are also planned for the northern and southern ends of the freeway.


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