Gasoline prices down again in past week

Nevada gasoline pump prices averaged $2.48 a gallon, a drop of 2.6 cents the past week, said Monday after completion of a weekly survey.

In Carson City on Monday, none of the 19 outlets checked by the gas price monitoring website was as high as the statewide average and three of them were under $2 per gallon at $1.99. Another one was at $2.01, three were at $2.03, two at $2.05, two more at $2.09 and eight were above $2.10 a gallon. The lone highest outlet in the state’s capital registered a pump price of $2.45 per gallon.

Statewide, meanwhile, the survey of 1,130 outlets done Sunday showed the $2.48 a gallon average was 26.3 cents per gallon lower than a year earlier and 19.7 cents per gallon lower than a month earlier, according to the website.

Nationally, according to, the latest survey showed gasoline at $2.01 per gallon, which was 1.7 cents per gallon lower than a week earlier.

“We are going to end this year with the lowest gas prices since 2008,” said Jeff Pelton, petroleum analyst, “and people want to know can it get even lower? Yes, it can. There is simply too much crude out there for gas prices not to decline.”

Pelton said prices may fall for the next month or so, but when Spring comes it brings with it higher gas prices “based upon the one-two punch of Spring maintenance and the switch-over to more expensive summer (gas) blends.”


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