Carson City health inspections

Carson City Health Department’s food-service inspections for Dec. 10. All scores are on a 100-point scale, with points deducted depending on the severity of violations:

Arco ampm, 720 S. Carson St., scored 100 points.

Arco ampm, 4190 S. Carson St., scored 98 points. Two cartons of dairy products were found with expired use-by dates, corrected on site.

Red’s Old 395 Grill, restaurant, 1055 S. Carson St., scored 88 points. The employee hand wash sink was blocked. Knives and cooked meats were improperly stored. Wire racks and gas piping in the exhaust hood were dirty. There were no disposable paper hand towels at the employee hand wash sink in the rear preparation area. A non-working fryer, microwave and refrigerator were found in the outside storage area.

Red’s Old 395 Grill, bar and lounge, 1055 S. Carson St., scored 96 points. The sanitizer residual in the third sink was found at less than 200 parts-per-million.

Red’s Old 395 Grill, caterer, 1055 S. Carson St., scored 100 points.


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