Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2015

Government and bureaucracies out of control

Recent articles show the power of a centralized government and how elected officials ignore the desires of the people.

One article says what could have been nearly 2,000 cords of firewood for many homes was destroyed by the BLM. BLM was “thinning” a swath along Sunrise Pass Road by mechanical chipping to restore sage-grouse habitat. The chips were left on top of the ground where they will probably wash away in a good wind or flood, and one long-time resident says he has never seen sage grouse on the west side of the Pine Nuts. Maybe BLM did more damage than good.

Another report warns of possible flash flooding due to the poor condition of the river, because the state government transferred funds designated to keep the riverbed clear into the state general fund. Several articles addressed the concern by local farmers that the riverbed is a disaster waiting to happen. When it does, who shall we hold responsible?

Government officials and bureaucracies are out of control and only care about expanding government so they can keep their jobs or win reelection. There is a lack of fiscal responsibility or common sense.

It is time we take back our governments. Power constitutionally designated to the states has been usurped by the federal government, and we have allowed our state and local governments to run amok. We, the people, need to take responsibility back for how our taxes are spent and how our country is run. Pay attention, educate yourself, and speak out.

Judy Jacobs

Topaz Lake


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