Carson City ATA Martial Arts to offer safety and success seminar today

Carson ATA Martial Arts — Karate for Kids is hosting a free children’s safety and success seminar followed by a pizza party today.

The event, starting at 10 a.m. at Carson ATA Martial Arts, 3242 Research Way, Suite 101, will cover topics such as stranger and abduction safety, bullying prevention, and online and home safety.

There will be a hands-on segment to teach safety and bulling prevention techniques.

The event will also emphasize goal setting for school, home and activities, responsibility for school work and chores, creating proactive habits and following through on goals.

“We want each child in our community to be safe and successful,” said Shawn Goodner, owner and chief instructor at Carson ATA — Karate for Kids. “Our past community seminars were focused on bullying prevention and stranger danger. This year Carson ATA wants to not only give kids the tools they need to stay safe, but also the tools to set smart goals that help them be successful in all areas of life.”

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Carson ATA — Karate for Kids provides martial arts instruction in a safe and positive learning environment for all ages. For more information about programs, visit


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