Carson City board honors Pete Livermore honored posthumously for protection of watershed

The Carson Water Subconservancy District posthumously awarded Pete Livermore the 2015 Andy Aldax Carson River Watershed Award for Exemplary Service in Conservation and Protection of the Carson River Watershed.

The award, created in 2007, recognizes individuals or organizations that demonstrate a 10-plus year commitment and accomplish plans and projects to improve and sustain the Carson River Watershed.

Livermore was honored for his role in passing Carson City’s Quality of Life Initiative, known as Question 18. Funding generated through the initiative, which created Carson City’s Open Space Program, was instrumental in leveraging other public funds needed to purchase lands along the Carson River.

Question 18 funding also leveraged public funds to develop Carson River’s recreational potential with projects, such as the Carson River Aquatic Trail, improvements to river access facilities at the Morgan Mill site, and other trail projects, including the Mexican Ditch Bridge, that have improved the public’s ability to access open spaces in the Carson River Watershed.

Additionally, Livermore was honored for supporting the State of Nevada’s Question 1 Program which helped fund Carson City’s purchase of open space along the Carson River in the majority of Carson River Canyon for the enjoyment of generations to come.

Laurie Livermore, Pete Livermore’s widow, accepted the award on Jan. 21, when she talked about Pete’s love of Carson City and his pleasure in serving on CWSD’s board for 12 years.


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