Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2015

Story on inexperienced lawmakers was one-sided

I recently saw the article from the Jan. 18 edition by Geoff Dornan focusing on “inexperienced” legislators. This article was on page one when it was more appropriate for the editorial page.

There appeared no attempt to present a balanced article with opinions on both sides of the term limits issue. The only viewpoint you chose to publish was from Fred Lokken of TMCC who represents the status quo political class that recognizes no limits on government authority and believes the more government, the better.

His insightful analysis was condensed down to “term limits is a stupid idea.” Was no one available with arguments as to why term limits are a good idea? Namely, to prevent a permanent legislative class from controlling government for an extended period of time; that legislators are more connected to their constituents when they still have careers and jobs in the community they represent; that the Nevada constitution envisions citizen legislators, not permanent government employees?

The Tea Party was also characterized only in negative terms. Most people affiliated with the Tea Party care deeply about the future of our country. They believe a balanced national budget will make our economy stronger; that huge deficits are detrimental to our economic well-being and that the current national debt of more than $18 trillion will eventually destroy our freedoms.

In the future, please keep news articles balanced with all view points represented, and keep your opinion articles on the editorial page.

Paul E. Johnson

Carson City


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