Stagecoach man arrested on suspicion of attempted burglary



INDIAN HILLS, Nev. — A Stagecoach man is in custody on four counts of attempted burglary after he was found in the backyard of an Indian Hills home early Monday morning.

Christopher Steven Qualls, 38, was arrested after deputies responded to a 2:20 a.m. burglary alarm at the Mica Drive Chevron.

They found the rear door of the Chevron appeared to have been kicked in, along with two more doors in the vicinity.

Shoe marks on the doors appeared similar. There was also an open crawl space at the Country Market with similar prints in the mud.

Around the same time deputies responded to a report that a man was in a woman’s crawl space on Vista Grande. The woman said she saw a light coming from under her pantry door, but the installed light was off. When she opened the door, she said a man she identified as Qualls had his head stuck out from the crawl space. He ducked back down and was gone when deputies arrived. They found a ball cap and a set of sunglasses near the house.

Another woman said she heard someone try her door. She said Qualls was at her home earlier, but she told him to leave.

Qualls was booked into Douglas County jail. He is scheduled to appear in East Fork Justice Court on Wednesday.


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