Tender Valentine’s moment during WWII

Have you ever picked up a picture from decades ago to instantly recall vivid details? Whenever I open my mother’s photo album, I have memories similar to the following.

It was Valentine’s Day 1943. Mom’s neighbor got the bright idea to pose her daughter with me for a precious kiss picture. My mom framed the picture with her tried-and-true Kodak camera. With perfect timing, she depressed the shutter at the exact second a 2-year-old gorgeous blonde southern belle’s soft lips tenderly touched my 23-month-old eager lips for a black and white Kodak moment. Both mothers could not wait to see the printed picture!

There was magic in the air with the azure waters from the Gulf of Mexico softly touching the white sands of Mobile, Ala. The 2 year old had won the title “Miss Pee Wee Mobile.” What was the reason for the magic? Was it a beauty queen’s kiss, or that her wardrobe consisted of a pair of shorts with sandals? That’s right, she was topless!

Seventy-two years later, if both mothers were still vertical, they would have become the lead story for the 24 hour news networks — “Two mothers encourage kiddy porn! More details after these commercial messages.”

In the simpler days of 1943 with the horrors of World War II being reported daily, two moms thought a tender moment on Valentine’s Day was “cute.” Next, they signed a marriage contract for an arranged marriage at a date to be determined in two decades with a substantial dowry.

Most of you are thinking, at 23 months, Ken could not possibly remember the first time he got to first base. A kiss? You’re absolutely correct. If I did not have mom’s photo album, I would not know about my first kiss. Maybe a hypnotist could assist me to remember every explicit detail; how long it lasted, how it made me feel and was my tongue, her tongue or both tongues involved during the kiss.

I invested three hours desperately searching for the first kiss picture. Twice I searched mom’s photo album and two cardboard boxes filled with her pictures. All I found was a picture of the young miss and me standing beside each other on the front porch stairs seconds before the kiss picture. You have a choice — believe me or call me a liar. Your call.

I have three explanations regarding the missing picture. First, the picture will magically appear when I am searching for something totally unrelated.

Second, a member of the NSA Purity Police broke into our home and stole the kiss picture.

Third, a leprechaun wants you to believe I suffer from CRS, Can’t Remember Stuff.

After reading about my first kiss on Valentine’s Day, I hope you are inspired to make this a special Valentine’s Day for you. Drop this newspaper immediately! Start creating your own memories!

Ken Beaton of Carson City contributes periodically to the Nevada Appeal.


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