Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2015

Laxalt is doing his job

Finally! An elected official who is taking his job seriously. I am so thankful to Adam Laxalt for joining the illegal immigration suit. I am glad that someone will be representing the 92.4 percent of those who are legal in this state.

Why doesn’t the establishment show any consideration for us? What is so hard to understand that there are those who make and commence an illegal action? Why does the 7.6 percent of the illegals in this state take precedent over our current laws, system and legal residents? The immigration system is not broken, it is ignored and not enforced. Why?

The unemployment in this state is somewhere around 7 percent. Interesting correlation. So our elected officials look to protect the illegals before any concern for their legal citizens.

Harry Reid is embarrassed? It is an embarrassment that Nevada sent him back to Washington. So along with Harry, we have the rest of the Nevada delegation, including Gov. Sandoval and all part of the F Troop, for not being able to support and vote according to their constitutional positions and oaths.

We all need to applaud State Attorney General Adam Laxalt. Thank you for doing your job.

Beth Bunch

Carson City

Be prepared for emergency while off-roading

Adventure on the dirt roads around Carson City and the surrounding areas can end badly if you are not paying attention to the condition of the road or keeping an eye on it as you travel. Washboards, loose dirt or gravel can cause you to lose control and crash if you are not careful.

In addition, talking or texting on your cellphone, driving intoxicated or taking your eyes off the road while sightseeing could also lead to a crash. With a drier than normal winter, many of you are out in the hills enjoying the outdoors.

Take into consideration you need to keep emergency supplies with you in case you get into trouble. Not every area has cell phone reception, and should you find yourself stranded, you may have to rely on friends and family to report you missing.

Help them by letting someone know where you will be traveling and when you are expected to return. Carry water, food, blankets, warm clothing, a flashlight and a first aid kit just in case. Use common sense when driving on unfamiliar dirt roads, and don’t take unnecessary risks when driving.

Make sure that you and those travelling with you are safe when travelling the back roads and that you all arrive home safely.

Sgt. Scott McDaniel

Carson City Sheriff’s Office


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