Carson City Nugget’s Alatte Coffee & Wine Bar opens

The Carson Nugget's new, upscale coffee and wine bar.

The Carson Nugget's new, upscale coffee and wine bar.

Calling it “a fresh, new concept,” Dean DiLullo of the Carson Nugget touted the latest offering there during Tuesday’s opening of the downtown casino’s Alatte Coffee & Wine Bar.

It was an informal, first day opening for the upgraded and renovated libation spot in the southwest sector of the 507 N. Carson St. gaming establishment. The casino is undergoing extensive revamping that includes not only the coffee and wine bar, but a smaller restaurant space and various gaming floor alterations. The coffee/wine bar has a new and separate entry just northwest of the Laxalt building.

“It’s exciting, it’s new and it’s centered on guest service,” said DiLullo, chief executive officer and the man overseeing various casino changes down to helping select the fare being offered. His crew also talked of the newness.

“It’s definitely something Carson City needs,” Grant McLaughlin, a server behind the coffee bar, added.

Nick Marano, son of Carson City’s city manager and the coffee/wine bar supervisor, was high on the offerings, particularly the premium coffee beans from Central and South America roasted in Northern Nevada and brewed on topflight equipment for clientele. “We’re getting the cream of the crop,” he said.

City Manager Nick Marano, who earlier said he had stopped in on the bar’s first day, set an appointment with someone for a meeting there later in the week. The actual grand opening, though, is officially set for Friday, March 13. The bar, meanwhile, will be serving customers from now on with hours each day starting at 6 a.m. and running to 10 p.m. on weeknights, later on weekends.

Christa Casci, morning shift lead barista, said her excitement stemmed from “the fact that it’s new and, hopefully, it brings in more people to the Nugget.”

Casci and DiLullo provided brief tours, Casci of the bar and DiLullo of the revamped restaurant next door just to the east on the other side of a new wall. Both Casci and DiLullo also showed off a new and separate “barrel room” that can be entered from either the bar or restaurant. Casci explained the coffee/wine bar features a Coffee and Wine Club people can join for either $20 or, to obtain a barrel room membership, for $100.

The lower cost offer, called a cappuccino/vino membership, includes an initial speciality coffee free, a stainless mug and an Alatte tee shirt, a 10 percent off coupon and invitations with discounts to special wine tastings and dinners, plus e-mail offers. The more costly barrel room membership includes those offerings plus a barrel room members’ wine dinner. The barrel room is a separate and exclusive Tuscan-themed space for booked or club events.

Wines, which DiLullo selects aid from others, feature a sparkling option, Chardonnay, Riesling, Fume Blanc, Pinot Grigio, white and red Zinfandels, Moscato, Vigonier, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Meritage, other red blends, as well as both tawny and ruby Port. The wine/coffee bar food options include Panninis, salads and the like for customers to pair with their libations of choice.


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