Prepaid tuition deadline Saturday

The deadline to enroll in the Nevada Prepaid Tuition Program for the 2015 open enrollment period is Saturday.

The Nevada Prepaid Tuition program enables parents, grandparents and other family members to lock in future college tuition rates at today’s prices.

“Parents should act fast to take advantage of the Nevada Prepaid Tuition Program benefit of locking in today’s tuition costs,” State Treasurer Dan Schwartz said. “College tuition and fees have gone up four times faster than the consumer price index. Purchasing a contract today provides peace of mind that you’ll be ready when the time comes for your child to attend college.”

From newborns to ninth graders, parents have a variety of options to participate in the program. Parents can pay a lump sum, spread the payments out over five years with 60 equal payments, or pay each month from the time of enrollment until the child is ready to start college. Nevada Prepaid Tuition purchased credit hours may be used at any U.S. Department of Education accredited institution of higher learning, both in-state and out-of-state, including technical and trade schools. If the beneficiary makes the decision to enroll at a college outside of Nevada, the monetary value of the purchased credit hours at a Nevada college would be transferred to the out-of-state college on the beneficiary’s behalf.

For more information about the Nevada Prepaid Tuition Program, go to, or call (702) 486-2025, or toll free at 1-888-477-2667.


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