Letters to the editor for Thursday, Feb. 26, 2015

Folks more comfortable with falsehood than truth

To Rich Dunn: While I don’t always agree with the positions you take on various subjects no matter how well written, I had to give you kudos for your response to the myth-laden denunciation written by Lynn Muzzy about the “fallacy” of climate change. In this instance, I couldn’t agree with you more. Well said, Rich.

As I have often said on these very same pages, I really wish people would fact-check before waxing ridiculous on a topic. I don’t care how often a lie is told and re-told, it is still a lie. That applies to any and all subject matter, not just climate change.

It is always interesting to me how folks are more comfortable with a falsehood than they are with the truth.

Linda Hoxsie

Carson City

Wake up America before it’s too late

I would like to take exception to Obama’s statement that the Muslim terrorism actions can be related to actions taken by the Crusaders in the first 1,000 years of Christian history. Doesn’t he know that the primary reasons for these Crusades were to recapture land taken away from them during the time the Muslims were spreading their religion by conquest, not conversion?

The same thing seems to be happening today by acts of terrorism and a concerted effort to infiltrate our population under the guise of refuge status from our Mexican border. These border are completely open to whomever wants an illegal entry into our country. Heaven only knows what weapons of “mass destruction” they are bringing with them.

Please, America, wake up before it is too late.

Neil Powers

Carson City


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