Letters to the editor for Saturday, Feb. 28, 2015

Terror group is ISIS not ISIL

I wish that our administration would discontinue calling ISIS by its preferred name of ISIL. ISIS is the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, while ISIL is the Islamic State in Iraq and Levant. Levant is an old term that encompasses most of the Middle East and includes the lands of Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, and part of Turkey.

That is the goal of ISIS, to create a caliphate that includes all of the land in the region so that they can impose sharia law. Our administration, in calling it ISIL, gives it a greater ability to recruit fighters to its cause.

Gary Marshall


Requiring ID vote is a good move

I read with amazement at the letter from Harold Zaroff on showing ID proof when voting. Is it really that difficult to pull out your ID or drivers license to show who you are? Geez, I pull out a card if I want to charge something or just to use my debit card and when needed at a doctor’s office; hey, even to pull cash out of my wallet.

Just because a person walks into the voting site carrying a ballot that has a name and address on it is no proof of who that person is; the great volunteers who work the voting sites really don’t have a clue who I or my husband are — they only go by what it says on the ballot that they assume was mailed to us.

However, and this is a big however, just how do they know the ballots belong to us? We frequently get someone else’s mail delivered to us so who’s to say the ballots were not mis-delivered as well?

There has been proof in areas that non-residents voted illegally, so that is all the more reason to make this a requirement for every state. I do not like the fact that someone who had no right to vote helped put a candidate who may not be qualified in our government in whatever capacity.

Perhaps if showing just one piece of ID is such a hassle for you, maybe you shouldn’t even be voting; you obviously have more important things to do.

Judy DeRyke



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