Cathleen Mital: Give blessings to others this New Year

Lorie Schaefer wrote in her commentary “Worrying too much — count your blessings” that she worries about small things in her life. Instead of complaining, she follows her grandmother’s advice “Count your blessings.” I have an additional idea: Why not give blessings to other people?

United Latino Community places volunteer tutors with adults who want to learn to speak English. We train volunteers to use the teaching materials and place them with a student. If you can speak, read, and write English, you can teach it with our materials. No teaching experience is necessary. No knowledge of a foreign language is necessary.

I have been tutoring since 2010. I love it. I get to learn about other cultures and I feel blessed helping my students learn English so that they can improve their lives. My students are so grateful to be able to talk to their children’s teachers, help their children with their homework, talk to their doctors, and get a job that involves speaking English. I am giving the gift of English, but sometimes I think that I get more out of it than my students do.

Remember all of those stories about your immigrant family members arriving in America? I see my students count their blessings to be here in United States. They have hopes and dreams for their children. Many of them live on very little income and work difficult jobs. And yet they count their blessings. When I see how hard my students work to take care of their children, work their jobs, and squeeze in learning English, I am amazed! I realize that I have it pretty easy.

We offer free classes in ESL, Computer Basics, English Conversation, Citizenship Classes, and Pre-GED Preparation. If you are interested in teaching any of these classes, we would welcome you! Volunteers teach one to four students at the student’s pace. Classes are free for the tutor and for the student.

Why not give blessings to other people in Carson City this New Year? Give the gift of English and receive blessings in return! Call United Latino Community at 775-671-7455, stop by at 1711 North Roop St., or email:

Cathleen Mital is the ESL program director. United Latino Community assists the Latino community with referrals, translations, applications, legal advice, advocacy, and English as a Second Language Classes. Omar Anaya is the director of this non-profit organization. For more information call 775-885-1055.


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