Letters to the editor for Tuesday, Jan. 6, 2015

Fortunate to have Adams family support Carson City

Your Dec. 25, 2014, Past Pages of 60 years ago pointed out the first free Christmas dinner Dick Graves offered at the Carson City Nugget.

Mr. Graves opened the Nugget March 1, 1954. So the first free Christmas dinner was on the year of its opening, and every year thereafter the Carson City Nugget has offered a free Christmas meal to anyone who requested it.

What a wonderful Christmas tradition this has been. The Adams continued the tradition all the years they owned the Nugget, and so it continues with the Adam’s Trust.

Dick Graves was an outstanding member of our community. He was a soft speaking, kind and gentle man. The tradition of the free Christmas dinner was the result of his kindness. The Adams family has continued in the same ilk. We are fortunate to have had such people in our city.

Rex T. Baggett

Carson City

Stop the anti-gun rhetoric

In Mr. Lowe’s letter he states the obvious, that it was a gun that caused the death of the two NYPD Officers. The implication is obviously that we need to eliminate all the guns, except those used by the authorities. As someone who served in law enforcement for 35 years and lost friends who were killed or seriously injured by firearms, I think I am in a position to feel for the officers’ families more than most.

That being said, I believe that over 90 percent of my co-workers support the right of a citizen to own a firearm. It seems that those people who oppose this will use a tragic event such as this to roll out the anti-gun rhetoric, and that is sad.

Gary Marshall



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