Beata Liebetruth: No-kill movement making great strides in Carson City

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has,” Margaret Mead.

Friends who know me also know I absolutely love quotations. So many bright minds of the past and the present from all walks of life who have shared their wisdom and unique expressions in a way I never could — leaving me in awe.

The above quote by Margaret Mead, one of the brightest women of the 20th century, is without a doubt one of my favorites. And it sums up so wonderfully what has been happening in this local community in recent months.

You — the concerned citizens of Carson City — have spoken and decided it was time for a new approach to help even more animals in your community by joining the Nevada Humane Society no-kill movement. You did it. Carson City has officially become a no-kill community, with a live release rate well north of 90 percent. I am incredibly proud to have been given the privilege of being a part of this historic endeavor and I am beyond excited at the prospects of what this New Year has in store for all of us. Due to the tireless work and commitment from volunteers of community organizations such a CASI, the vision and commitment of Carson City’s elected officials, and the incredible outpouring of support and contributions from local citizens, we are looking forward to moving into a brand new facility by the end of this year.

On behalf of the animals of Carson City, thank you for your courage, compassion and relentless determination to turn this community into a true safe haven for homeless pets. On behalf of the staff at Nevada Humane Society and everyone at our Carson City location, thank you for choosing Nevada Humane Society to take the lead in making Carson City the second no-kill community in the State of Nevada. Here’s to a wonderful 2015. Let’s all join to make it truly the best year ever for the animals, their owners, and all animal lovers of Carson City.

Beata Liebetruth is the shelter director Nevada Humane Society Carson City.


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