Carson City’s Silver State Charter Middle School starts Project Day

To begin their third term, Silver State Charter Middle School faculty introduced Project Day to its seventh and eighth grade students Wednesday. Students are immersed in Common Core aligned curriculum driven by their own curiosity, while being guided by their instructors. Each Wednesday afternoon, students will work toward learning about, planning and building a school garden.

“We decided to incorporate project-based learning in order to engage students in critical thinking, work together to problem solve and provide more hands-on activity,” said Blaine Spires, principal of SSCS.

The school provides busses throughout the week and recently has changed its transportation schedule in order to meet students’ needs. All four bus routes now run on Wednesday afternoons.

“On the first day, we wanted students to understand how our incredibly unique climate and geography in Northern Nevada influences what we can grow,” said Will Truce, middle school science teacher.

All content areas are addressed throughout the project in which students can participate in structured collaboration and make real-world connections. Math, science, English and social studies will share essential questions, while students’ elective courses like physical education and Spanish will weave in, as well.

“Day one was productive and students were actively participating,” said Spires. “I’m sure student involvement will only improve, and we strongly encourage parent involvement.”


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