In his own words: LendClear’s Arjun Dhingra

NNBW: Tell us about LendClear and the duties of your position.

Arjun Dhingra: LendClear is a technology-focused mortgage bank that utilizes advanced technology and business practices to make the lending experience more affordable and convenient. Our staff is experienced, transparent and truly cares about the individual experience. I develop strategic partnerships and client relationships by sharing our technology and business offerings.

NNBW: How did you get into this profession?

Dhingra: Truly by accident. During my senior year of college, I was living in a fraternity house and working for friends in Las Vegas. They worked for a lending company that was doing business in northern Nevada, and it needed someone to collect paperwork and signatures. I charged a flat fee and couriered around town. Eventually, my brother, a partner and myself decided to open up our own business.

NNBW: What’s the most important thing you have learned in your career that helps you succeed on a daily basis?

Dhingra: To stay focused on your own “process” and let the results speak for themselves. I also believe in knowledge and remaining a student of life at all times. There is so much to learn if we stay open to new information.

NNBW: Have any advice for someone who wants to enter your profession?

Dhingra: You have to enjoy people and building relationships. This business is about being in front of and interacting with all types of people.

NNBW: What’s the toughest aspect of your job?

Dhingra: Realizing you cannot be everything to everyone. In my business, I build lasting relationships, and I want to help everyone to no end. But that is just not realistic, and that can be very difficult to realize.

NNBW: What do you enjoy most about your work?

Dhingra: The relationships and bonds that I have formed with our clients and partners. Helping them to achieve, build and grow ownership is very rewarding.

NNBW: What was your first job?

Dhingra: In college I was a bus boy for Marie Callender’s Restaurant, and I also DJ’d. At the time, I just wanted to earn cash and those were the two areas I could work in.

NNBW: What’s your dream job. Why aren’t you working it?

Dhingra: If I could pick anything in the world besides what I am doing, I would be an actor. But the odds aren’t good, so I’ll stick to things I’m good at.

NNBW: What are your favorite hobbies or pastimes? How do you spend your time away from work?

Dhingra: I enjoy traveling a great deal and spending time with my family. I’m also a Tae Kwon Do trainer/coach, as well as a 6th degree black belt.

NNBW: If you could live your life over again, what one thing would you change?

Dhingra: I would try to do everything a little bit better. But overall I have no regrets.

NNBW: What has been your biggest professional disappointment? How about your best professional accomplishment?

Dhingra: Many of my disappointments came early on in my career. At the same time, they were all very invaluable learning experiences that got me to where I am today.

NNBW: What did you dream of becoming when you were a kid?

Dhingra: I always knew I would be a businessman/entrepreneur of some sorts. At the time, I didn’t know what that looked like.

NNBW: What can you do that someone else can’t?

Dhingra: Hmmm … I think I should pass on this one — I might get myself into some trouble here.

NNBW: If you had enough money to retire right now, would you? Why or why not? Dhingra: Definitely not. I like staying busy, whether it is through work or education. I worry about what would happen if I were not working.

NNBW: What’s the last concert or sporting event you attended?

Dhingra: A Dallas Cowboys game in Dallas; I am a huge fan.

NNBW: Where’s your perfect vacation spot?

Dhingra: A wine country in any region. I find those areas to be very tranquil.

NNBW: Why did you choose a career in northern Nevada? What do you like most about working/living here?

Dhingra: I was raised in Reno and have a lot of ties to the area. Like many locals, I feel a sense of responsibility to give back to the community by creating business here. It’s a wonderful place to live and work, and I’m constantly rooting for our city to keep moving upward.


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