Letters to the editor for Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015

Those who feed wild horses should be punished

I would like to know why the Department of Agriculture is not utilizing the no-feeding-the-wild-horses law. The only way the car/horse accidents are going to be controlled is by taking these people to court.

We have had one death and how many injuries? How many more will it take for this governor to make his departments be responsible?

I am not a horse person, but I can tell who is feeding and teaching the horses to cross back and forth along Highway 50. Just follow the horse tracks; they lead right to the people, and anyone can view these horses at the people’s houses.

Put out information of a secret hotline for people to call and inform on who is feeding. Do something, do anything, just do it. Why should animals have to pay the consequences for what people are doing?

Sandy Cotton


Temporary (tax) really means permanent

I read in the Appeal with dismay that our governor proposes converting a temporary tax into a permanent one and that he wants to also extend other temporary taxes.

It seems as though every temporary (sunset provision) tax that I have ever known of has never been temporary. Every one of them seem to have either been extended time after time without end or has eventually been made permanent.

It appears to me that this is just another example of how governments get their way using “smoke and mirrors.” A lawmaker would have to be naive to not believe that a tax presented as temporary is just a devious way of establishing a permanent tax.

Whenever a proposed temporary tax comes before the voters, it should be voted on with the understanding that in reality, it is a permanent tax in disguise. Once a government gets used to a tax revenue stream, it cannot and will not let go of it.

Randy Grossmann

Carson City


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