Cheers & Kudos: Thanks to Carson City Parks & Rec

I would like to thank Carson City Parks and Recreation for its quick response to a request for a trash can and Mutt Mitt station.

At the end of Desert Peach Drive, there is a sidewalk entrance to the desert near Western Nevada College. This is a popular desert access for dog walkers, other walkers and mountain bikers. There was an old plastic trash can, which was used for waste disposal, near the entrance, but it was falling apart.

I spoke to Dave Navarro, and he said he would look into the situation and get back to me. He called the next day and said he had visited the location, and the department agreed there was a need for a trash can and Mutt Mitt station.

A trash can and Mutt Mitt station were installed within a week. This addition, particularly the Mutt Mitt station, will encourage more dog walkers to pick up after their pets. I have heard favorable comments from other dog walkers on this addition and would like to thank the city for its action.

Jeanne Yaple

Carson City


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